Hospital Flooring: Queen Elizabeth Woolwich


Vinci Construction’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital Project

Ultra Flooring’s Mastery in Hospital Flooring: The Vinci Construction Project

Ultra Flooring, a renowned name in the commercial flooring sector, recently completed a significant project for Vinci Construction at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich. The project showcased Ultra Flooring’s expertise in hospital flooring, involving full preparation works including 3mm screed, cap and coving to all perimeters, and the installation of smooth clinical sheet vinyl.

The project kicked off with full preparation works, including the application of a 3mm screed. This process is crucial in ensuring a smooth and level surface for the subsequent installation of the flooring. Ultra Flooring’s team of experts carried out this task meticulously, ensuring the screed was evenly spread and properly cured.

Ultra Flooring’s Precision in Hospital Flooring: The Vinci Construction Project

Following the screed application, the team moved on to the next phase of the project – cap and coving to all perimeters. This process is essential in creating a seamless transition between the floor and the wall, and it also aids in maintaining cleanliness, a critical factor in a hospital environment. Ultra Flooring’s team demonstrated their expertise in this area, ensuring the cap and coving were installed to perfection.

The final stage of the project involved the installation of smooth clinical sheet vinyl. This type of flooring is ideal for hospital environments due to its durability, ease of cleaning, and resistance to bacteria. The installation process included heat seaming works, a technique that Ultra Flooring’s team is well-versed in. They executed this task flawlessly, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Ultra Flooring’s Excellence in Commercial Flooring: The Vinci Construction Project

Firstly, Ultra Flooring excelled in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital project. Then, their superior healthcare facility floor solutions surpassed Vinci Construction’s expectations. Consequently, this cemented Ultra Flooring’s status as a trusted commercial flooring partner.

In conclusion, this project served as a landmark achievement for Ultra Flooring. Notably, it showcased their adeptness in handling complex tasks. Furthermore, their unwavering commitment to excellence and deep knowledge of healthcare facility flooring was evident. Ultimately, Ultra Flooring is setting the standard in commercial flooring, offering top-tier, durable, and visually appealing solutions to meet diverse client needs.