Housing Association Flooring: L&Q

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Comprehensive Housing Association Flooring Solutions for L&Q

Ultra Flooring: Delivering Tailored Commercial Flooring Services to L&Q Housing Association

Ultra Flooring is a leader in the field of commercial flooring services. Recently, they concluded an expansive project for L&Q Housing Association. This association is renowned in London, its boroughs, and Kent. The project scope was vast. It spanned full site surveys and tenant consultations for floor color choices. Also included was appointment scheduling and quality inspections.

From Surveys to Final Checks: Ultra Flooring’s Comprehensive Housing Association Flooring Journey

The approach of Ultra Flooring was thorough. They started with in-depth site surveys. After that, they consulted with the residents. Their goal was to gauge floor color preferences. This interaction was pivotal. It ensured that the final outcome resonated with tenant expectations. The team also synchronized with tenants for appointments. This ensured daily routines remained uninterrupted. Every stage saw rigorous quality checks, maintaining Ultra Flooring’s hallmark standards.

Ultra Flooring’s Mastery in Housing Association Flooring Preparation and Installation

Existing floor covers had to be replaced. Ultra Flooring took charge of this. Their tasks involved preparing surfaces, like screeding and plywood fitting. They laid down varied flooring types, from safety sheet vinyl to domestic sheet carpets. They even undertook reactive repairs. This meant swift issue identification and timely resolutions. Wet rooms were given additional care. They ensured top-notch finishes through cap, coving works, and hot air welding.

Ultra Flooring: Ensuring Customer Satisfaction and High-Quality Results

Ultra Flooring’s project for L&Q showcases their dedication. They are committed to premier commercial flooring services. From start to finish, their holistic service approach stands out. They’re detail-oriented and prioritize client needs. This project stands as a testament to their excellence.

Their proficiency in commercial flooring is evident. With projects like these for L&Q Housing Association, they reinforce their leadership in the industry. This case is a shining example of their customer-centric, optimized solutions.