Prison Flooring: The Carillion Project


Ultra Flooring’s Exceptional Skills in Prison Flooring: Unveiling Safety Excellence in The Carillion Project

Expertise in Prison Flooring: The Carillion Project

Ultra Flooring, a leading specialist in the commercial flooring industry, recently completed a significant project for Carillion at prisons on their prison flooring. throughout the country. The project involved full site surveys, managing floor fitters, full wing replacements, and the installation of safety sheet vinyl. This project showcased Ultra Flooring’s expertise in safety flooring and their commitment to meticulous project management.

The project began with full site surveys before any work could proceed. This crucial step allowed Ultra Flooring’s team to assess the condition of the existing floors and plan the project effectively. The team’s thorough approach ensured that all potential issues were identified and addressed before the installation process began.

Ultra Flooring’s Mastery in Safety Flooring: The Carillion Project

Firstly, floor fitters’ management was crucial. Specifically, it involved comprehensive DBS checks and tool list management. Simultaneously, the team liaised with prison management for work arrangements. Notably, Ultra Flooring showcased their project management expertise, assuring efficient, top-quality work.

Secondly, the project demanded full wing replacements. This process entailed the removal and disposal of old floor coverings, placed carefully in a secure skip. Afterwards, thorough preparation, including 3-8mm screeding, was performed. Impressively, Ultra Flooring’s team executed these tasks with precision, ensuring a ready surface for the subsequent flooring installation.

Showcasing Ultra Flooring’s Superiority in Secure Flooring: Insights from the Carillion Initiative

The final stage of the project involved the installation of safety sheet vinyl, including hot air welding. This type of flooring is known for its durability and slip resistance, making it an ideal choice for a prison environment. Ultra Flooring’s team executed this task flawlessly, ensuring a seamless and durable finish.

The Carillion project was a testament to Ultra Flooring’s ability to deliver top-notch safety flooring solutions. The successful completion of the project not only met Carillion’s expectations but exceeded them, further solidifying Ultra Flooring’s reputation as a trusted partner in the commercial flooring industry.

In conclusion, the Carillion project was a significant accomplishment for Ultra Flooring. It highlighted their ability to handle complex projects, their commitment to quality, and their expertise in safety flooring. This project is just one example of how Ultra Flooring is setting the standard in commercial flooring, delivering high-quality, durable, and safe flooring solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients.